The Delightful World of Lemon Sours and Lemon Sour Day in Japan

Exploring Lemon Sour Day in Japan

In the vibrant cocktail scene of Japan, Lemon Sours, or "remon sawā," hold a special place as ubiquitous and refreshing beverages. Crafted from shochu, Japan's equivalent to vodka, combined with soda water and lemon juice, these classic cocktails are a popular choice at izakayas and even available in convenience stores. The drink comes in various canned forms, ranging from bitter to sweet, fizzy, and with different alcohol by volume (ABV) levels, making it a versatile and accessible choice for home enjoyment.

The Origin of Lemon Sour Day

Lemon Sour Day finds its roots in Fushimi-ku, Kyoto, where a brewery producing a range of alcoholic beverages, including shochu and sake, established the occasion. Set on the 30th of each month, Lemon Sour Day encourages people to gather with colleagues, friends, and family to enjoy sours as the month comes to a close. The clever choice of date, where "3" is pronounced as "sa" and "0" as "wa" in Japanese, adds a playful element to this celebration. The Japan Anniversary Association officially recognized and registered this anniversary in 2019, solidifying its place in the cultural calendar.

Diverse Lemon Sour Offerings

At our shop, we take pride in offering a diverse range of Lemon Sour Ready-to-Drink (RTD) options to cater to every taste preference.

For the Lighter Palate: Slat Lemon SOUR Chuhai 3%

For those who prefer a milder alcoholic kick, we recommend the 3% Slat Lemon SOUR Chuhai. This canned chuhai boasts a refreshing taste with 60% fewer calories and zero sugar. Delight in the refreshing aftertaste, enhanced by the infusion of crushed fruits. The blend of a lemon squash sour with crushed lemon creates a harmonious and invigorating beverage.

For the Bold Connoisseur: KIRIN Hakkou Lemon Sour 5%

For those seeking a stronger option, we present the KIRIN Hakkou Lemon Sour 5% RTD. This easy-to-drink selection offers a pleasant taste achieved through the art of fermentation. Kirin, with its dedication to the fermentation process since its founding, refrains from adding flavorings, acidifiers, or sweeteners. The result is an authentic expression of the ingredients' original taste. Revel in the lemon's rich and refreshing flavor, a perfect complement to any meal.



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