The Best Selling Sake of Last Month Was Umenoyado Yuzu Shu!

In the realm of fine liqueurs, Umenoyado Sake has masterfully combined the essence of carefully selected domestic yuzu juice to create a luxurious and refreshing Yuzu shu. The process of crafting this indulgent Yuzu shu involves a meticulous selection of yuzu juices, each sourced from different varieties and regions, ensuring a nuanced flavor profile that evolves with every batch. The juice used in this exquisite concoction is derived from approximately 20 yuzu fruits for every 1800mL, offering a vibrant citrus experience.


To achieve the perfect balance, Umenoyado blends the yuzu juice with its sake, softening the alcohol taste while simultaneously mellowing the sourness and bitterness of the yuzu. The result is a fruity and palatable liqueur that transcends traditional expectations. Ideal for sipping on the rocks or paired with carbonated water, this Yuzu shu has become a favorite among connoisseurs and, notably, a popular choice among women for its fruity, refreshing sweetness.


What sets this Yuzu shu apart is the thoughtful integration of every aspect of the yuzu, including its aromatic skin, into the blending process. This harmonious fusion of fragrance, tanginess, and bitterness is a testament to the dedication to preserving the true essence of the yuzu. The low-temperature blending process ensures that the final product retains the authentic and delightful flavors of the juice.


The subtle hint of sweetness, combined with the distinct yuzu sourness, creates a unique balance that defines the essence of yuzu. Indulge in the captivating flavor of this extraordinary liqueur and elevate your drinking experience with the Umenoyado Sake and Japanese Yuzu Yuzu shu!




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