The Best Selling Sake of Last Month Was Dassai 39 720ml!

Dassai 39 Was Our Best Seller in January!


You might already know that one of the main characteristics of Asahi Shuzo is that they only make junmai daiginjo. Even their most affordable sake has a polishing ratio of 45%. Their premium sake has an astonishing polishing rate of 23%.


However, Dassai is not only about polishing the rice, but also about the quality. For Dassai 23, the polishing process alone takes seven days. It takes 168 hours before sake brewing begins. Why does it take so much time and effort? Dassai is aiming for "sake that tastes good no matter who drinks it". While this may seem like an obvious statement, it is, in fact, an extraordinary goal. Because when it comes to food and drinks, it is ultimately a matter of taste.

然而,濑祭不仅要精米度,还非常注重质量。对于濑祭23来说,光是精米过程就需要7天。清酒酿造之前就需要168个小时。那么,为什么要花这么多时间和精力呢? 濑祭的目标是“无论谁喝都觉着是好酒”。虽然这看似是一个简单的宣言,但事实上,这是一个非凡的目标。因为提起食物和饮品,归根结底是口味的问题。

While it's an incredibly difficult goal to realize, we believe that Dassai is a sake that everyone can agree is delicious in its own way. Dassai is one step ahead of your tastes. Even if it's not to your taste, it has the power to convince you that it's delicious in its own way.



While Dassai 23 is an extraordinary bottle, the price is also unusual. It is too expensive to drink on a daily basis, so it is best saved for special occasions. That is why Dassai 39 is the perfect middle ground between the most affordable Dassai 45 and the premium Dassai 23!


Dassai 39 Junmai Daiginjo is light and balanced with soft fruity flavors and mild acidity. Dassai 39 is for when you want something smooth and drinkable that is not too precocious. Enjoy the flowery and expertly balanced Dassai 39 Junmai Daiginjo's pleasant and addictive notes of ripe pineapples, mangoes, apples and pears.




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