The Best Selling Sake of Last Month Was Choya Mutenka Honkaku Umeshu!

Choya Mutenka Honkaku Umeshu has once again claimed the title of our best seller for September. This authentic Umeshu, free from artificial additives like flavorings or acidulants, comes in a convenient paper pack container for a casual and delightful experience. Indulge in the delicious flavor of Ume in various settings.

Now, let's unravel the distinctive production process behind Choya's umeshu, highlighting the exceptional quality, quantity, and meticulous craftsmanship that make it a true standout in the market.

Quality: Carefully Selected Ume

Choya is committed to using 100% domestically grown ume. Working closely with farmers, they ensure the cultivation of ume trees in optimal soil conditions, resulting in exceptional quality. Each ume is meticulously chosen for its high ripeness and rich aroma, contributing to the superior taste and experience of Choya's umeshu.

Quantity: Extraordinary Amount of Ume

Creating Choya's plum wine is an art involving a unique production process that extracts the best flavors and ingredients from each ume. By using ume grown in the highest quality soil, Choya achieves an extraordinary umeshu experience. The commitment to quality is underscored by labeling Choya products with the 'average amount of ume used,' reflecting their dedication to providing an exceptional product.

Maturity: Silent Aging

To capture the natural acidity and flavors of the ume, Choya employs a silent aging process. Ume are carefully stored in tanks shielded from external influences like light, heat, and air. This self-supported aging process allows the ume to mature for over a year, extracting a full range of components for a harmonious blend of flavors that offer a truly remarkable umeshu experience.

Always Additive-Free, Always Authentic Umeshu

Choya takes pride in crafting umeshu that is completely additive-free. Their commitment to authenticity means no acidifiers, flavorings, or colorings are used in the production process. Aligned with the standards set by the Japan Western Liquor Brewers Association, Choya's additive-free plum wine is classified as 'authentic plum wine.' This dedication sets Choya apart, ensuring that each sip of their umeshu is a testament to the pure essence of Japanese plum liqueur. Don't miss out on this best-selling, authentic delight!



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