The Best Selling Sake of Last Month Was Asabiraki Junmai Namachozo 180ml!

Asabiraki Junmai Namachozo Was Out Best Seller in October!


Asabiraki Sake Brewery is based in Iwate, the north eastern part of the main island in Japan. The acclaimed Nanbu Style brewing technique is what makes Asabiraki stand out from the crowd, winning gold medals 12 times in row at the National Sake Competiton.


Nanbu Toji is a group of toji (master brewers) who originated in the town of Ishidoriya in Iwate Prefecture. It has the largest number of members in Japan, with 3,200 members at its peak in 1965. The excellence of Nanbu Toji techniques has become famous through out of Japan, and many of them has been invited to sake breweries all over Japan as sake brewing masters. The essence of their techniques is creating well-defined aroma with sharp finish in its sake with lower temperature and longer-term fermentation techniques using the merit of cold Northern weather in Iwate.

南部酿酒大师是一群酿酒大师,他们起源于岩手县石鸟谷町。在日本,它的会员人数最多, 965年达到了3200人。南部酿酒师们技艺精湛,蜚声日本,许多人被邀请到日本各地的清酒厂担任清酒酿造大师。他们的技术精髓是根据岩手县北方寒冷天气的气候特点点,利用较低的温度和较长的时间发酵,在清酒中酿造出清晰的酒香和绵远的回味。

Asabiraki Namachozo is a very fresh, aromatic and fruity semi dry sake which has been stored under 0° in a cool room and only pasteurized once just before the bottling. It is a fresh sake as at its birth. Since this Namachozo sake only goes through one pasteurization, the result is a very aromatic, fruity and rich taste. A deep, intense flavor that smoothly fades on the palate for a dry, clean finish.




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