The Best Selling Sake in October Was Choya Green Tea Umeshu 720ml!

October's best-selling sake, the delightful Choya Green Tea Umeshu in a 720ml bottle, seamlessly blends the essence of traditional Japanese tea with the rich flavor of the classic liqueur, resulting in a truly exceptional beverage. This harmonious blend features 100% Japanese premium ume fruit and Kyoto Uji's finest green tea leaves, creating a beautiful green tea flavor umeshu with a refreshing aroma, elegant sweetness, and a crisp aftertaste. This makes it an appealing alcoholic beverage for a diverse audience, offering a unique and delightful drinking experience.


Crafted with care, the Choya Ujicha Umeshu features meticulously selected Uji tea leaves from Kyoto, known for their fresh aroma, combined with umeshu boasting an elegant and distinct flavor profile. The city of Uji, nestled between Kyoto and Nara, provides the ideal environment for cultivating green tea, with a history dating back to the early 11th century. Uji's tea cultivation tradition, originating at Kozanji Temple in Kyoto, has maintained its excellence throughout the centuries, ultimately gaining renown for its superior quality. Even Eisai, a Japanese Buddhist priest who introduced Zen Buddhism and green tea to Japan in 700 A.D., offered guidance to Uji priests on tea cultivation.


Choya employs their proprietary manufacturing method, Komireisen, to extract the original sweet and refreshing scent of Uji tea. By brewing Uji tea in umeshu at a low temperature, they skillfully suppress the astringency that can arise when tea is brewed at higher temperatures.


We extend an invitation to savor the taste of premium green tea leaves in the form of this exceptional umeshu. Cheers to a delightful and unique drinking experience!




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