Tateyama Umeshu: Less Sweet Sake-Based Umeshu

About Tateyama Brewery


Tateyama Shuzo is a major brewery with an annual production of 35,000 koku (1 koku is equivalent to approximately 180 litres), boasting the largest brewing capacity in the Hokuriku region. It is overwhelmingly popular, with more than 90% of its sake drunk locally, and is renowned as one of Toyama prefecture's most famous sake breweries.


It used to be quite a rare sake that is hard to find for people from other prefectures. Although this is not the case now that the brewery is increasing the number of koku produced, there was a time (around the 1980s) when Tateyama Honjozo Ginrei-Tateyama, which had a relatively high production volume among Tateyama's sake, was sold at a premium in the Kanto and Kansai regions, at 8,000 to 10,000 yen per bottle.

它曾经是一种非常罕见的清酒,其他县的人很难买到。虽然现在酒造正在增加酒的石数,但曾经有一段时间(大约在 1980 年代)立山本醸造银铃-立山在关东和关西地区以每瓶 8,000 至 10,000 日元的价格出售。

Tateyama Umeshu


Tateyama Umeshu is a sake-based umeshu made by soaking Kishu Nanko plums (100%) in the most popular of Tateyama Shuzo's sake, Honjozo Ginrei-Tateyama. The result is a crisp, refreshing plum wine that is popular as a mealtime drink.
The umeshu is made entirely from plentiful Nanko-plums from Kishu and slowly pickled in the honjozo, which is originally made from sake with a delicious flavour, so the amount of sugar used is kept to a minimum and the sake is brewed to a very refreshing, light and gentle flavour.


The pale golden colour and elegant plum aroma, the delicious and subtle sweetness of the sake, and the fresh and refreshing sourness of the plums all combine to create a well-balanced taste that goes down the throat easily.





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