Tatenokawa Muga Clear: The Ultimate Freshness

The Ultimate Freshness of Unfiltered, Undiluted and Unheated Sake

The ultimate freshness of sake comes from the quality of the moromi, which is the muddy substance before it is pressed. However, according to the license to make sake, the unrefined must be filtered. Filtering is the process of separating the liquid from the solid. 

Only brewery workers can taste the raw sake directly from the brewery's vat, where the sake drips out immediately after pressing. The Tatenokawa Muga series was created to deliver to customers the presence, atmosphere, aroma and air of the tank opening, where they can experience the ultimate in freshness, in its original, fresh state.

Muga series sake is bottled in a special method so as not to let escape the gaseous sensation, without any adjustments, eliminating the process of oxidizing by contact with the air as much as possible, without giving time. After pursuing the freshness of the taste, Six "Mu" (無: nothing or no) were layered on top of each other.

No filtration: sake as it was collected
No added water: undiluted sake with a rich, umami flavour
No heating: fresh, unpasteurised sake
No bubbling: the natural effervescence is preserved
No waiting: bottled on the day of moromi pressing (separation of moromi into sake and sake lees)
No hesitation to passionately pursue fresh and tasty sake

Tatenogawa Muga Clear

Muga Clear uses 100% Yamada-Nishiki from Hyogo Prefecture, delivering the "king of sake rice" in its freshest state. It has a light, refreshing taste, but the flavour increases as the temperature rises.

The fresh, unpasteurized sake has a synergy between sake and food that doubles the flavour when combined with ingredients with a strong flavour and sweetness, such as prawn miso, northern prawns (amaebi) and scallops.



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