Tatenokawa Brewery: Redefining Dry Sake with a Rich & Dry Junmai Daiginjo

Since its establishment in 1832, Tatenokawa has been dedicated to crafting authentic sake by hand using traditional methods. In 2010, pursuing a new 100-year vision, Tatenokawa became one of the few breweries to exclusively produce Junmai Daiginjo sake.

From "Crisp & Dry" to "Rich & Dry"

While "crisp and dry" is often the default perception of dry sake, Tatenokawa's "Super Dry" Junmai Daiginjo offers a distinct and elevated experience. The term "crisp and dry" (tanrei karakuchi in Japanese) surged in popularity during the 1990s, often characterizing dry sake as light and straightforward. Tatenokawa seeks to redefine this notion, presenting a dry sake that is rich and complex.

The Essence of Japanese Sake

Combining the robust flavor of rice with a clean, crisp finish might seem contradictory, but Tatenokawa achieves this harmonious balance. Their dry sake enhances dishes with the umami of rice and a sharp finish, embodying the true essence of Japanese sake.

Crafting a Unique Junmai Daiginjo

Driven by the desire to support and elevate Japanese cuisine, Tatenokawa created a Junmai Daiginjo that complements and enhances delicious dishes. This sake offers a strong rice flavor, distinct from the "crisp and dry" varieties with little umami. It balances dryness and umami with a subtle ginjo aroma and refreshing sharpness.

Perfect Pairing and Serving Suggestions

Tatenokawa's Junmai Daiginjo shines when paired with dishes that highlight the natural flavors of the ingredients, making it an excellent match for sashimi and sushi. It can be enjoyed chilled for a crisp taste or lukewarm (around 40°C) to savor the umami of the rice. When served cold, it is refreshing and cool; when warmed, the rice's umami is more pronounced.



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