Shironotakumi Rice Shochu: Made by Skilled Craftsmen With Cutting Edge Technology

Hamada Shuzo Denzouingura


Hamada Sake Brewery, founded in 1868 (the first year of the Meiji era), has three warehouses. "Denbeigura", which keeps the recipe of the Meiji and Taisho eras, using traditional wooden pots; "Denzoingura" is a headquarter factory that mass-produces high-quality shochu by introducing cutting-edge technology, while "Kinzangura" reproduces the shochu made in the Edo period.

滨田酒造于 1868 年(明治元年)成立,拥有三个仓库“传兵卫蔵”,保留了明治和大正时代的配方,使用传统的木制锅酿造;“传藏院蔵”是引进尖端技术,大量生产高品质烧酒的总部工厂,“金山蔵”是再现江户时代烧酒的工厂。

Denzouingura is a distillery that continues to evolve in order to seek out the new potential for honkaku shochu. Cutting-edge facilities have been introduced at every step of the process, from fermentation to bottling and shipping. Additionaly, a master distiller and other craftsmen from different fields have combined their skills, know-how, and experience in one place. Take a sip of Denzoingura shochu to get a sense of its taste!


Recommended Denzouingura Shochu


Shironotakumi Rice Shochu is made with black malted rice (rare for rice shochu) using aromatic yeast. It is fermented under low temperature slowly to produce a fruity aroma, and finished by reduced-pressure distillation. It is then filtered through bamboo charcoal (a rare filtration method for shochu) to remove excess impurities and enhance the original aroma and taste of the liquor. The result is a highly aromatic shochu with a soft and clean taste.


Enjoy it on the rocks or diluted with water. It goes well with sushi and sashimi of white fish.




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