Sekitoba Shochu: Unique Taste That Cannot Be Found Anywhere Else

Sekitoba Shochu: A Unique Culinary Experience

Innovative Shochu Brand

Sekitoba Shochu, an innovative and distinctive brand, draws inspiration from the legendary horse (called Sekitoba in Japan) owned by the warlord Lü Bu in ancient China, known as Chì Tù or Ryofu in Japan. The saying of the time, "Among men, Lü Bu; Among steeds, Chì Tù," reflects the spirit and power of this remarkable shochu, mirroring the flowing and dynamic nature of the famed horse's dash.

Crafting a New Shochu Experience

Hamada Shuzo embarked on a journey with a strong conviction to "create an innovative shochu never before seen." The vision was to evoke surprise, pleasure, and excitement in the drinker, and the result is a shochu that captivates with its new and unparalleled deliciousness.

Ingredients and Brewing Process

Gentle and soft white koji, combined with fresh Kagoshima-grown Kogane-sengan sweet potatoes, form the foundation of Sekitoba Shochu. Brewed with the soft water sourced from the local spring water of Mt. Kanmuri Dake, the shochu undergoes meticulous aging, filtration, and polishing. This process culminates in a unique taste that stands apart, offering an experience that cannot be found anywhere else.

Tasting Notes and Versatility

The moment Sekitoba Shochu touches your lips, a refreshing sensation envelops your mouth. The taste is both sharp and fruity, with a well-balanced flavor of sweet potato. This sweet potato shochu provides the freedom to be enjoyed in various ways - straight, on the rocks, or gently warmed. Its versatility extends to pairing seamlessly with a wide array of dishes, both Japanese and Western.

Discover the Sekitoba Shochu Range

Sekitoba Imo Shochu

This variant introduces a novel dimension to potato shochu, striking a balance between lightness and depth. The use of a special filtration method imparts a light yet profound taste, creating a gentle and mellow flavor profile. Crafted with water sourced from the underground flow of Mt. Kanmuri Dake, Sekitoba Imo Shochu promises a unique and enjoyable drinking experience.

Murasaki no Sekitoba Imo Shochu

Embracing the essence of purple sweet potatoes, this variant boasts a fruity taste that dances on the palate. Employing the characteristic filtration method of Sekitoba, the shochu exudes a fruity aroma inherent to the purple sweet potato ingredient. The taste is sweet and full, offering a delightful exploration of flavors for discerning enthusiasts.



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