Savour the Elegance of Okayama's Omachi Rice

Muromachi Brewery: Crafting Tradition and Excellence


Founded in 1688, Muromachi Brewery is Okayama Prefecture's oldest sake brewery, celebrated for its commitment to tradition and quality. Their sake is meticulously crafted using locally grown Omachi rice and the pure waters of Omachi cold springs, ranked among Japan's top 100 waters. This dedication to excellence has earned Muromachi Brewery acclaim worldwide, including prestigious awards at Monde Selection, IWSC (UK), BTI, and LAIWSC (North America).

室町酒造成立于1688年,是冈山县最古老的清酒酒造,以其对传统和品质的承诺而闻名。他们的清酒是用当地种植的御町大米和日本排名前100位的、御町冷泉的纯净水精心制作的。这种对卓越的奉献精神为室町酒造赢得了全球的赞誉,包括在Monde Selection, IWSC(英国),BTI和LAIWSC(北美)中享有盛誉的奖项。

Omachi Rice Junmai Sake: A Delicate Masterpiece


Muromachi Brewery's pride, the Omachi Rice Special Junmai Sake, is crafted from 100% Omachi rice sourced from Akaiwa's Seto area, with Omachi cold spring water as its base. This dry junmai sake boasts a gentle aroma and balanced acidity, reflecting the rich history of Omachi rice—a 150-year-old variety that predates Yamada Nishiki. Its versatile profile pairs seamlessly with a wide range of dishes, complementing flavors without overpowering them.


Culinary Companions


Enhance your dining experience by pairing Sakura Muromachi Tokubetsu Junmai Sake with dishes like Hamo nabe, oden, grilled matsutake mushrooms, teriyaki, sashimi of yellowtail, fried octopus, and more. This sake's versatility and sophistication make it an ideal accompaniment for diverse culinary adventures.

樱室町特别德纯米清酒与Hamo abe、好炖、烤松茸、照烧、黄尾鱼刺身、炸章鱼等菜肴搭配,提升您的用餐体验。这种清酒的多功能性和复杂性使它成为各种烹饪冒险的理想搭配。

Muromachi Brewery invites you to savor centuries of legacy in each sip, elevating your dining moments to the extraordinary!




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