Savoring Festive Fizz: The Hananomai Abysse Sparkling Sake Experience

Elevating Festivities with Sparkling Sake: A Unique Twist


As the holiday season unfolds, the clinking of glasses filled with sparkling wine and Champagne becomes a familiar sound. From office Christmas parties to midday festive lunches and cozy evenings by the fire, fizzy drinks seem to be an inseparable part of the celebration. However, if you're a fan of bubbly alcoholic beverages, perhaps it's time to explore something new this year to elevate your festive experience. Enter sparkling sake – a delightful alternative that adds a unique twist to the holiday cheer.


Discovering Sparkling Sake: Low Alcohol, Sweet Rice Delight


Sparkling sake, known for its low alcohol content and sweet rice flavor, is gaining popularity among younger and female drinkers. With a slightly cloudy appearance and a sweet, tangy taste, it offers a departure from the norm. Most varieties have a lower alcohol content compared to traditional sake, naturally deriving sweetness from rice without added sugars.


Hananomai Abysse Sparkling Sake: A Platinum Award Winner


Among the diverse array of sparkling sake options, one standout recommendation is the Hananomai Abysse Sparkling Sake. This exceptional sake was honored with the Platinum award at the 2022 Australian Sake Awards, showcasing its quality and distinction in the world of sparkling beverages.


Crafting Excellence: Artistry Behind Hananomai Abysse Sparkling Sake


Meticulously crafted with white wine yeast from Chablis, France, rice from Shizuoka Prefecture, and water from the Akaishi mountain range, this sake is a visual and flavorful delight. The captivating effervescence from secondary fermentation in the bottle complements the exquisite citrusy and fruity taste.


Temperature Alchemy: Transforming Taste with Abyss Sparkling Sake


As with Abyss, the taste changes with the temperature at which the sake is served. When chilled below 10°C, the sweetness is subdued and lively acidity greets you, with a bitter, astringent taste reminiscent of fresh grapefruit in the second half. At 10°C or higher, the sweet umami of the rice takes the spotlight, accompanied by crisp acidity. In the second half, a bitter and astringent taste emerges, balanced by a sweetness reminiscent of ripe grapefruit. The lingering taste of juicy rice-derived umami gives a satisfying conclusion to this exquisite flavor journey.




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