Savor the Moon's Glow: Tsukimi Tradition and the Enchanting Sake

Exploring the Harmony of Tsukimi and Sake

Tsukimi (月見), a time-honored Japanese tradition, invites us to gaze at the captivating autumn moon. Translated literally, Tsukimi means "looking at the moon." This custom traces its origins back to the Heian period when Japanese aristocrats, inspired by the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, would gather beneath the full moon to recite poetry.

During this period, the quality of the harvest was of utmost importance, affecting the well-being of entire communities. To honor this crucial event, farming communities celebrated with a festival on the night of the full moon, marking the culmination of the harvest season.

The Tsukimi tradition entails congregating in a location with a clear view of the moon, adorning the surroundings with Japanese pampas grass, and offering various seasonal foods such as white rice dumplings (Tsukimi dango), taro, edamame, chestnuts, and, notably, sake as tokens of gratitude to the Moon, seeking its blessings for an abundant harvest.

This year, Tsukimi graces us on September 29, offering a perfect opportunity to organize a moon-viewing gathering complete with poetry and a bottle of exceptional sake. We proudly present a sake that is truly exceptional for this occasion.

Kaganotsuki Gekko Junmai Daiginjo

Kaganotsuki Gekko Junmai Daiginjo* encapsulates the very essence of moonlight, making it the ideal companion for moon viewing. Kaetsu Brewery embarked on a quest to capture the soft radiance and ethereal glow of the moon within a sake bottle, and they may have achieved just that. The name Gekko translates to "moonlight," evoking an aura of mystery, tranquility, and contemplation—the very qualities this sake seeks to embody.

Kaganotsuki Gekko received the prestigious "Highest Gold Award" in the Premium Kanzake category at the 2016 National Kanzake Contest. It boasts an exquisite harmony of natural rice flavors and the savory incense of ginjo, reminiscent of the enigmatic moonlight. With its gentle aroma and smooth, profound taste, it fully accentuates the rice's umami. Sipping this sake beneath the moonlight promises to create a truly enchanting and memorable moment.

In celebration of this year's Tsukimi, consider indulging in the magic of moon viewing with a bottle of Kaganotsuki Gekko Junmai Daiginjo. Experience the allure of the moon in liquid form, and let this exceptional sake elevate your Tsukimi celebration to new heights.



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