Sake Online Staff's Brewery Tour Experience

About the Brewery

Established in 1893, Umenoyado has been crafting exquisite sake since its inception in Katsuragi City, southwest Nara. With deep pride in their heritage, the brewery stays focused on keeping sake culture alive across generations and places. They're determined to create new sake traditions, not just follow what's popular at the moment.


Our Staff's Brewery Tour Experience

Umenoyado offers brewery tours, giving visitors an exclusive glimpse inside the brewery, showcasing areas not typically accessible on a daily basis, as well as the intricate sake production process. Guests also have the option to sample recommended seasonal sake varieties during their visit, enriching their experience with a taste of Umenoyado's finest offerings.

The Sake Online team was fortunate to receive the opportunity to tour the brewery. Dive into our brewery tour report for an insider's perspective on this captivating experience.


Umenoyado was relocated to Teraguchi in Katsuragi

In July 2022, Umenoyado opened a new brewery in Katsuragi, with the aim of refining their sake production and fostering a stronger connection with customers, providing a welcoming space for people to gather and immerse themselves in the sake-making process.


Company-operated store

In addition to Umenoyado's renowned sake and liqueurs, visitors have the opportunity to indulge in exclusive original beverages and gelato available only at the company-operated store. Alongside immersive brewery tours and hands-on ume syrup making experiences, seasonal events add further excitement, making a visit here an absolute must-do.


Tour route. A display showing the differences between table rice and sake rice

If you've only seen table rice before, you'd be surprised to see how tall sake rice grows! Its height makes it vulnerable to falling over quickly in a typhoon. According to statistics from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in 2018, sake rice only makes up about 1% of Japan's total rice production. This makes it incredibly precious rice indeed.


If you're planning a trip to Japan and intend to visit the Kansai area, be sure to add this brewery tour to your itinerary! In the meantime, explore the wide range of Umenoyado products available in our store, including premium sake and flavorful liqueurs.



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