Reimagining Sake: Umenoyado Introduces Innovative Sake Jelly Collection

Introducing Puru-Shu, a pioneering response to the shifting preferences in beverage consumption. Recognizing the wane in demand for traditional alcoholic drinks, especially among younger demographics, Puru-Shu seeks to redefine the perception of alcohol by presenting it in a novel culinary guise. The goal is twofold: to reignite interest in alcoholic beverages and to invigorate the industry.

To preserve and propagate the rich tradition of sake for generations to come, the brand advocates not just drinking but also eating sake. The line comprises five varieties of high-alcohol jelly infused with fruit-based sake liqueurs, such as mandarin and yuzu. Renowned for their luscious fruit notes, these jellies render sake with a delectably sweet twist.

Harnessing liqueurs sourced from the esteemed Umenoyado Sake Brewery in Nara Prefecture, the endeavor aligns seamlessly with the vision of "cultivating a new sake ethos." Anticipating that the jelly offerings will kindle a fresh fascination for Japanese sake, the brand aims to foster an enduring appreciation for its heritage and craftsmanship.

Indulge in the exquisite flavors of our sake jelly collection, featuring a captivating array of options: zesty citrus yuzu, tropical pineapple, succulent juicy peach, refreshing mandarin orange, and crisp apple. Each flavor promises a delightful journey for your taste buds. Plus, they're equally delicious when enjoyed frozen!



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