October 4th Is Japanese Anchovy (Iwashi) Day! Sake and Iwashi Are a Great Match!

What Is Iwashi Day?


Japanese anchovy day was established in 1985 by the Panel on Effective Utilization of Large Catch Fish in Osaka.


The date is based on the wordplay of Chinese characters for "i (1) wa (0) shi (4)". The aim is to promote sardines, which are cheap, tasty and rich in nutrients, as well as to foster a love and nurturing of the rich oceans and a better understanding of the effective use of fisheries resources. The conference was organised by Osaka Prefecture, which has one of the largest sardine catches in the country in the Osaka Bay area, and brought together academic experts and people involved in the fish industry, processing and distribution.


Canned Japanese Anchovies and Sake Are a Great Match!


Sake pairs well with a variety of foods and cuisine, but seafood is especially popular and well-known sake pairing. There is a harmonious relationship between sake and seafood, with various components complementing and enhancing each other. The amino acids in sake and the umami components of fish combine when consumed together, resulting in enhanced umami and deeper flavours.


There are only a few elements in sake that react negatively with seafood. Sulfur dioxide and iron react with fish fat, causing a fishy taste and smell. Due to the low percentage of these elements in sake, the unfavorable characteristics of seafood are not emphasized.


So how about trying canned Japanese anchovies with sake? Kizakura Onigoroshi Junmai is recommended for pairing with seafood - it is clean, fruity and dry junmai premium sake.

那么来试一下鳀鱼罐头配清酒怎么样? 推荐紀伊桜鬼殺純米清酒与海鲜搭配,它是一款干净,果香和干爽的纯米高级清酒。



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