October 26th Is Doburoku Day! Celebrate With Shirakawago Junmai Nigori Sake

October 26th Is Doburoku Day


Takeshige Honke Sake Brewery, a long-established Nagano Prefecture brewery producing doburoku and other products, has set 26 October as the anniversary date. The date was chosen because the doburoku season starts in late October and the word "doburoku" represents the readings for numbers 10 (do), 2 (bu), and 6 (roku). The aim is to promote the appeal of doburoku. The anniversary was recognised and registered by the Japan Anniversary Association.

长野武重本家酒造是一家历史悠久的酿酒厂,生产浊酒和其他产品,他们将10月26日定为浊酒纪念日。之所以选择这个日期,是因浊酒的季节从10月下旬开始,“doburoku”代表数字10 (do)、2 (bu)和6 (roku)的读音。其目的是为了提高“浊酒”的吸引力。日本纪念日协会的认可和注册了这一纪念日。

What Is Special About Doburoku?


Doburoku is a traditional Japanese homebrewed concoction. It is a sake that does not undergo filtering or pressing after fermentation, and is different from your average cloudy sake which normally has the rice grains filtered out. During the making of doburoku, the steamed rice, koji and water are added to the starter mash, known as moto. The fermentation process during brewing stops at a much earlier stage of brewing than traditional sake, producing a sweeter drink with a lower alcohol content.


Celebrate With Shirakawago Junmai Nigori Sake


Shirakawago Junmai Nigori Sake is named after the Doburoku Festival held in Shirakawago, this junmai nigori sake extravagantly uses twice the normal amount of rice used to make normal sake. This density and the natural deliciousness of the rice creates a refined nectar like sake with a stable taste that can be enjoyed year-round. It is best served chilled to 10 degrees, or on the rocks at the height of summer.




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