November 21st Is Fried Chicken Day in Japan! Celebrate With Refreshing Beer!

First Fried Chicken Restaurant in Japan


The first Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant in Japan opened in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, on 21 November 1970. Although Japanese had their own fried chicken called "karaage" (karaage chicken is seasoned before it's coated, while fried chicken is seasoned after, also fried chicken uses flour batter or beer batter, while karaage uses potato starch), American style fried chicken was unfamiliar at the time, but it gradually became well-known and popular throughout Japan.


In 2015, KFC Japan registered 21 November as 'Fried Chicken Day' with the Japan Anniversary Association, and in 2016, to celebrate Fried Chicken Day, a '9-piece Barrel' containing all parts of the chicken was sold, creating a lot of excitement.


Celebrate With Beer and Fried Chicken


Few foods pair as wonderfully as fried chicken and beer. Greasy fried meat washed down with a cold refreshing brew… What could be better? Fried chicken is a little bit greasy and salty, and a refreshing taste and carbonation of beer works as a palate cleanser. 


When it comes to refreshing beers, Hitachino Yuzu Lager is a winner in this category! It is a fruity, citrus forward beer with a deep, bitter edge. The refreshing tartness of yuzu combined with the crispness of a lager is the perfect match with fried chicken. 


Also, due to its relatively low-alcohol content of 5.5%, Yuzu Lager can be drunk in larger gulps allowing the carbonation work its magic with its powerful ability to cool and refresh. 




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