November 1st Is Authentic Shochu Day! Celebrate With Kagoshima Shochu!

November 1st Is Authentic Shochu Day


In September 1987, the Central Association of Sake Brewers of Japan established November 1st as "Authentic Shochu & Awamori Day". The brewing process begins in August or September every year, and the "authentic shochu nouveau," or auspicious new liquor of the year, is ready to drink on or around November 1, hence the date.


Shochu Starts With Kagoshima


When it comes to shochu, it starts with Kagoshima. Kagoshima Prefecture, located in the south of Japan, is considered the birthplace of shochu. Shochu making began in Kagoshima around the 16th century. It is thought that the distillation technology developed in West Asia was introduced to Kagoshima from Siam (today's Thailand) via Okinawa. 


One of the most famous Kagoshima based distilleries is Hamada Brewery. which has passed down and preserved their traditions and skills for over 140 years. By combining this with research and innovation, they hope to help the world understand the appeal of Shochu.  


Kakushigura Mugi Shochu


Kakushigura Mugi Shochu is single-distilled Shochu, made from carefully chosen superior barley and 100% natural spring water. Aged in oak barrels for three years, Kakushigura has flavours similar to a subtle Lowlands Whisky, with a nose of sweet vanilla and a rich flavor. Kakushigura poured on the rocks will taste like a glass of rocks whiskey with ice that has melted a little bit too much. Overall, this shochu is a must-try if you're a whiskey and shochu fan.

鹿儿岛麦麴烧酒烧酒是一次蒸馏烧酒,由精选的优质大麦和100%天然泉水制成。在橡木桶中陈酿三年,窖藏味道类似于微妙的低度威士忌(Lowlands Whisky),带有香草的甜味和浓郁的风味。把隐藏倒在石头上,尝起来就像一杯石头威士忌加冰一样。总的来说,如果你是威士忌和烧酒的粉丝,这款烧酒一定要尝尝哦。



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