November 1st: A Toast to Tradition and Innovation on Authentic Shochu & Awamori Day with Shinzato Shuzo

Celebrate Authentic Shochu & Awamori Day on November 1st!

In a delightful fusion of tradition and innovation, November 1st marks a significant occasion—the day when the Central Association of Sake Brewers of Japan officially declared it "Authentic Shochu & Awamori Day" in 1987. The intricate brewing process kicks off annually in August or September, culminating in the unveiling of the "authentic shochu nouveau" or the fortuitous new liquor of the year, ready for consumption around November 1st.

Immersed in the rich tapestry of Japanese Shinto tradition, October bears the poetic name "Kannazuki," translating to "the month when there are no gods." According to belief, the eight million gods of Japan depart from their shrines, assembling annually at Izumo Taisha, only to return on the auspicious date of November 1st. Interestingly, this day ingeniously aligns with the Japanese wordplay, as the number 11 can be phonetically read as "ii," signifying "good." Thus, it becomes a day of double blessings—a good day in a good month.

Sip the Essence of Okinawan Heritage and Celebration

Discover the world of awamori with Ryukyu Awamori Kariyushi from Shinzato Shuzo, the oldest distillery in Okinawa. With a heritage spanning 170 years, their brewing methods have been carefully passed down through generations, preserving the cultural and historical values of Okinawan craftsmanship.

Ryukyu Awamori Kariyushi offers a delightful blend of a refreshing aroma, crisp taste, and a hint of sweetness. Its appeal extends to women and awamori enthusiasts of all ages. Aptly named "Kariyushi," meaning "call for celebration" in Okinawan dialect, this awamori is the perfect companion for joyous moments. Celebrate life with the rich traditions and flavors embodied in every sip of Ryukyu Awamori Kariyushi.



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