Nito Sake: The Perfect Balance Between Two Contradictory Elements

About Maruishi Brewery


The Maruishi Brewery was founded in 1690. Their signature brand ‘Nito’ is highly focused on production methods and quality ingredients. Taste and aroma, acidity and umami, heavy and light, sweet and dry – after repeated trial and error to achieve the best balance and flavor between these two contradictory elements, Omachi and Yamadanishiki were chosen as the best rice for Maruishi’s sake brewing.


The symbol of ‘Nito’ is two hares from the old proverb saying if you “run after two rabbits you’ll catch neither”. Maruishi, however, believes they are able to catch both hares by using two kinds of rice, Omachi and Yamadanishiki, to achieve a balance of flavors that each tell their own tale.


Omachi is used for Junmai Daiginjo and Junmai Ginjo sake, aiming for a clean, rich in flavor and sweetness, and light on the finish sake, while Yamada Nishiki is used for Junmai Ginjo and Junmai sake, aiming for a sake that unfolds its flavor slowly and comfortably, with a light aftertaste that can be enjoyed for a long time.



Junmai Daiginjo Nito Omachi 48


Nito's features are its freshness, its pleasing aftertaste, and how well it pairs with food. The freshness can impart a smooth and stable flavor throughout all aspects of introduction, development, denouement, and ending, and the pleasing aftertaste brings the "story" to a comfortable conclusion and instills desire for another serving.


Our recommendation is Junmai Daiginjo Nito Omachi 48, a slightly hazy sake that has a supple cherry aroma, suave sweetness with a fruity taste, and elegant acidity. The finish is beautiful and clean, fading to an almost spicy dry. We invite you to try this sake in two ways: all on its own to start with, and then in combination with food. Pairing it with food propels Nito to an even higher level.

我们推荐的是米大吟大町48,这是一种略显朦胧的清酒,有柔和的樱桃香气,温和的甜味中带有水果的味道,以及优雅的酸度。余味美丽而干净,略带辛辣的干味。我们邀请您以两种方式品尝这种清酒: 首先单独尝试,然后搭配食物饮用。将其与食物搭配将会把二兔推提高一个档次哦。



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