Namazake Day: Unleashing the Flavors of Fresh Sake

Celebrating Namazake Day: Honoring a Milestone in Sake History

Namazake Day, observed on the 25th of June, commemorates a significant moment in the sake industry. This special day derives its name from the remarkable achievement that occurred on the 25th of June, 1984. It was on this date that a pioneering brewery became the first in the industry to market a namazake that could be distributed at room temperature through the application of ultra-fine filtration technology.

Exploring the Delights of Namazake: Freshness and Vibrancy in a Glass

As spring blossoms, there is nothing more invigorating than indulging in a glass of namazake. It embodies the spirit of the season, reflecting the newness and youthful energy that permeate nature during this time. Although available throughout the year to some extent, namazake is most commonly encountered in spring, just after the culmination of the traditional sake brewing season.

Notably, namazake distinguishes itself from pasteurized sake in both taste and character. It exudes a youthful boldness, presenting a dynamic interplay of contrasting flavors and sharper edges reminiscent of a young wine. The absence of pasteurization allows the brew to retain a fresher taste and a fruitier aroma, evoking a sensory journey that is distinct from the more subtle and softer flavors found in pasteurized sake. Typically, pasteurized sake is preferred when paired with food, while namazake shines on its own, delivering a special allure.

With our expansive range of namazake, we are confident that you will find the perfect match to satiate your palate and ignite your passion for the unparalleled world of sake!



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