Carefully Crafted Green Tea Umeshu From the Masters of Umeshu

Refreshing Astringency of the Green Tea and Sweetness of Umeshu

Nakano BC Green Tea Umeshu has a good balance between the refreshing astringency of the green tea, the unique sweetness of umeshu and the acidity of the Nanko ume fruit. Green tea is also suitable for health-conscious people as it contains high levels of tannins and catechins.

The most common way of making green tea umeshu is soaking umeshu in a liqueur made from green tea extract. However, Nakano BC seems to have developed a unique flavour and colour by soaking the ume fruit in shochu for six months, then transferring them to another tank and throwing in green tea leaves.

Umeshu has a distinctive sweetness, which can be a problem for those who don't like sweet drinks, but this green tea umeshu, which is made using a unique method with great care, has a very refreshing green tea flavour. This gives it a freshness not found in conventional umeshu and makes it easy to drink.

Recommended Way to Drink and Matching Food

The recommended way to drink it is on the rocks, the classic way to enjoy umeshu. A glass chilled with ice increases the balance between the freshness and astringency of green tea, and is sure to become addictive. If you mix it with soda, it will be less astringent and you can enjoy a more refreshing taste. 

Kishu Green Tea Plum Wine has a moderately sweet and refreshing taste, so it goes well with a variety of dishes, but it is particularly good with meat dishes. Even with meals that have a strong, rich meat flavour, drinking it will refresh the palate and both the drink and the meal will go down a treat!



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