Modern Sake Brewery in Tohoku

Modern Sake Brewery in Tohoku

Taiwagura Sake Brewery was established around 20 years ago in Taiwa town, a place blessed with limpid water from the Mount Funagata in the center of Miyagi Prefecture.

The brewery is always striving to deliver better sake to more people. In order to realize this desire,  it is equipped with one of the most modern facilities in the Tohoku region. By mechanizing most of the processes, the brewery has been able to save a great deal of labor and produce high-quality sake with less than half the staff of conventional breweries.

That being said, the root of sake brewing is still supported by the experience, knowledge, and intuition of the brewers who actually do the brewing. In addition to using the latest technology, the brewery also believes that it must pass on traditional sake brewing skills. This is why Taiwagura Shuzo continues to combine advanced and traditional techniques to make sake that will please everyone.

Yuki no Matsushima Junmai Hiyaoroshi

'Hiyaoroshi' is a term that refers to a process in which shiboritate sake from winter is pasteurized once in early spring, stored, and aged over the summer. Many hiyaoroshi sake are stored and matured in bottles, but Yuki no Matsushima Hiyaoroshi is stored in tanks and allowed to mature so that the 'flavour' can be felt.

Yuki no Matsushima Junmai Hiyaoroshi is light, but with a soft mouthfeel and slightly ripe umami flavour due to its ageing. The citrus-like acidity is moderately rounded and disappears quickly, leaving behind a lingering, sweet autumnal fragrance.



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