Miyoshi Sake: Made With a Sense of Harmony

About the Brewery


Abunotsuru Brewery was founded in 1915 in Yamaguchi Prefecture. The brewery is located in Abu village, which sits on the shore of the Sea of Japan, overlooking the beautiful sea.


Abunotsuru Brewery produces the MIYOSHI brand of sake. The “three” (or, in Japanese, “mi”) of “Miyoshi” consists of sake starting from yeast, rice and water, as well as the triad of sellers, buyers and the public. "Miyoshi" means "fond of the three" because it is made with such a sense of harmony that is central to making Japanese sake. Taking care with every step of the sake-making process is crucial, so each step must be carried out carefully and meticulously. The step-by-step process is an integral part of this concept.


The minimalist design of the bottle's minimalistic label features three stripes representing the Japanese character for "three", but the character actually consists of three repetitions of the numeral "1".


Recommended Sake


Light and refreshing. A rich umami flavour combined with a refreshing mouthfeel. The fresh taste is a blend of clear sweetness and charming acidity. Bitter aftertaste. Miyoshi Green Junmai Daiginjo is crisp and tight, yet delicate, with a long, pleasant aftertaste with a fruity feel.


Chilled in the fridge, Miyoshi Green emphasises the lightness of the mouthfeel. Although sweet, the acidity and bitterness prevail, making for a clean, crisp and refreshing drinking experience.


Miyoshi Green Junmai Daiginjo has a flowing aroma with a clear sweetness that seems to spring from the darker umami, a clean acidity with a strong presence and a bitterness that reminds one of the outer skin of citrus fruits, appropriately balanced.




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