Miyama White Grape: A Culinary Overture of Muscat Elegance and Three Ways to Enjoy It

Captivating Muscat Symphony


Indulge in the invigorating essence and succulence of muscat grapes as their delightful aroma gracefully envelops your palate. Crafted with an opulent blend of muscat grape juice and domestically sourced brandy, derived from the very essence of muscat grapes, it boasts a luxuriously rich flavor profile. Beyond mere sweetness, it embodies a refined fruit liqueur with a revitalizing grappa undertone. Immerse yourself in a sensory experience akin to that of savoring a fine dessert wine.


Italian Artistry Unveiled


The artistry behind this exceptional liqueur traces its roots to the revered brandy manufacturing techniques honed in the heart of Italy, the birthplace of brandy. The key to unlocking the essence of Miyama White Grape lies in a proprietary brandy-making methodology possessed by only a select few Japanese companies. Nestled in the lush and picturesque Tamba region, a distillery harmonizes with nature as skilled artisans, trained in the traditions of Italy, meticulously explore the nuances of grapes day and night.


Sensational Pairings and Presentations


Miyama White Grape offers a versatile canvas for a myriad of delightful presentations. Centered around the honeyed sweetness of muscat grapes and the alluring aroma of brandy, it lends itself to a dessert wine experience. Elevate your enjoyment by experimenting with unique pairings, such as mixing it with ginger ale or beer to craft sophisticated cocktails. Additionally, consider using it as a delectable syrup to enhance the allure of shaved ice.


Three Ways to Enjoy Miyama White Grape


Miyama White Grape x Ginger Ale: Achieve the perfect balance by pouring Miyama White Grape into a glass at a ratio of 2:1 with ginger ale. The infusion of ginger imparts a lighter and more delightful character. Alternatively, substitute ginger ale with soda for an equally pleasing experience.


Miyama White Grape x Beer: For a delightful meal pairing, explore the world of beer cocktails. The addition of hop aroma elevates the overall taste, creating a beverage with a mature and refined essence.


Miyama White Grape x Shaved Ice: Effortlessly elevate your dessert game by drizzling Miyama White Grape over shaved ice. This simple yet delightful presentation is sure to culminate in a scrumptious and refreshing treat.




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