Miyama Grape: Sensation of Eating Freshly Picked Grapes

The sensation of eating freshly picked grapes


The brewers of Nishiyama Shuzo have given form to this sensation in the form of a liqueur. The complex taste of red grapes with a wild white brandy aroma and a hint of lime. It is like a thick juice made from 100% fruit juice, but with the mature taste of wine. Another great feature is that no sweetening other than grape juice is used.



The secret is the brandy production technology developed in Italy, the home of brandy


The secret to bringing out the flavour of Miyama Grape is the brandy production technology that only a few companies in Japan possess. The distillery is located in the rich natural environment of Tanba, where brewers who learned the techniques in Italy, the home of brandy, carefully studied the grapes day and night to suit Japanese tastes, and this technical ability gave birth to Miyama Grape.


Taste Miyama Grape in a wide range of endless arrangements


You can enjoy the rich grape flavour with soda, juice or ice floats, as well as simply drink Miyama Grape straight up or on the rocks. It can also be arranged as a hamburger sauce. We hope you will find your favourite way to enjoy it!




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