Miso Magic Unleashed: Exploring Tradition, Variety, and Innovation with Kinshachi Akamiso Lager

Celebrating Miso: The Significance of the 30th Day of Every Month


Established in September 1982 by the National Federation of Miso Industry Cooperative Associations (Zen Ajikoren), Miso Day holds a special place in Japan's culinary calendar. With its secretariat in Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, this day was instituted to counter the declining trend in miso consumption during a period marked by the influence of westernized eating habits and increased dining out.

1982年9月,全国味噌产业合作协会联合会(Zen Ajikoren)确立了味噌日,使其在日本的烹饪日历中占有特殊的地位。这一天的设立是为了应对日趋减少的味噌消费,由于受到西化饮食习惯的影响,外出就餐的人越来越多,味噌消费呈下降趋势。

Unraveling the Miso Mystique: A Brief Overview


Miso, a traditional Japanese seasoning, is a culinary gem crafted through the fermentation of rice and/or barley with soybeans, salt, and the fungus Kojikin. This process yields a thick paste integral to Japanese cuisine, finding its way into soups, sauces, spreads, and the pickling of vegetables and meats.


The Colorful World of Miso: Interesting Varieties


  • Shiro (White) Miso: Known for its sweetness, this miso variety boasts a yellow hue and is a blend of fermented soybeans with rice, salt, and water. Originating from Northern Japan, it takes approximately a week to create, offering a sweet taste with a lingering saltiness.

  • 白味噌:这种味噌以其甜味而闻名,它的颜色是黄色的,是由发酵的大豆、大米、盐和水混合而成的。它原产于日本北部,制作时间约为一周,口感甜中带点咸味。
  • Aka (Red) Miso: A richer, earthier miso, the red variety requires up to a year of fermentation. Comprising soybeans, wheat or barley, salt, and water, it results in a red-brown color and a savory profile with a sweet finish.

  • 赤(红)味噌:一种更浓郁、更朴实的味噌,红色品种需要长达一年的发酵。它由大豆、小麦或大麦、盐和水组成,呈红褐色,口感可口,回味甜美。
  • Hatcho (Black) Miso: The pinnacle of miso craftsmanship, this rare and premium variant takes an astonishing three years to produce. Fermented solely with soybeans, salt, and water, it offers a thick, dense consistency and a salty flavor reminiscent of soy sauce, albeit with the lowest salt content among miso types.

  • 八丁 (黑)味噌:味噌工艺的巅峰之作,这种罕见而优质的变种需要惊人的三年才能生产出来。它只由大豆、盐和水发酵而成,口感浓稠,有一种让人想起酱油的咸味,尽管它是味噌中含盐量最低的。

A Lager Infused with Miso Magic: Kinshachi Akamiso Lager


Enter the realm of innovation with Kinshachi Akamiso Lager, a Japanese-style Lager brewed with akamiso (red miso), a specialty of Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture. This exotic and unorthodox creation unfolds a bold palate with a rich flavor and sweet scent, seamlessly blending the umami of red miso with malt. The velvety smooth finish of this miso-infused Lager is a treat for beer enthusiasts, offering a unique and unforgettable tasting experience. And what better way to complement this distinctive beer than with the perfect snacks designed to elevate your miso-inspired journey!




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