May 25 Is Wine Day! Celebrate With Japanese Wine!

May 25 Is Wine Day

Wine grapes have been cultivated for at least 2,000 years. That’s a long time! However, celebrating the grape in the online world only started a decade or so. There are at least 17 national wine days identified by the National Day Calendar and we don’t want anyone to miss a reason to pop that cork on your favorite wine day.

On May 25th each year, wine lovers everywhere pour a glass of their favorite wine to celebrate National Wine Day. It is a day to appreciate wine and the science and art behind oenology.

Celebrate With Uniquely Japanese Wine

The unique, delicate, almost demure-like qualities of Koshu wines from Japan are quietly, but surely, building up a fan base amongst wine professionals and Michelin star chefs.

Koshu has fresh but rounded acidity, and several aromatic compounds in common with Sauvignon Blanc. The most familiar Koshu style is an ultra-delicate, subtle dry white with a sleek texture.

The recommended wine is Chanmoris Koshu Wine uses 100% of grapes from Yamanashi prefecture in Japan. It is a slightly dry white wine characterized by a refreshing smell and clean taste.



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