Masterful Brewing: Hatsumago's Honkarakuchi Junmai Makiri

Brewing Brilliance in Sakata


In the historic port town of Sakata, Yamagata Prefecture, the Hatsumago brewery stands as a shining example of sake-making mastery. Established in 1893 by Hisakichi Sato, a shipping wholesaler with a passion for the craft, the brewery embarked on a journey that would later redefine its identity with the brand name "Kinkyu." Rooted in the rich traditions of Sakata, Hatsumago's story evolves as it embraces change and innovation.

在山形县历史悠久的港口城市酒田,初孙酒造是酿造清酒技艺的光辉典范。1893年,一位沉迷于酿造工艺的航运商人佐藤久吉(Hisakichi Sato)创立了这酒造,开始了一段酿造清酒的旅程,后来又创立了“金久”这个品牌。初孙的故事植根于酒田的丰富传统,随着它的变化和创新而不断发展。

Honoring Tradition: The Kimoto-zukuri Method


Guided by the teachings of Teiichiro Sakai from the esteemed Sakai family of the old Shonai clan, Hisakichi Sato initiated the sake brewing legacy. As the Showa period ushered in a new era, marked by the birth of the brewery founder's first son, the brand underwent a transformation. "Hatsumago" emerged, embodying the heartfelt aspiration that their sake would be cherished by all who sipped it.


Since its inception, Hatsumago has upheld the time-honored "Kimoto-zukuri" method, a traditional approach that harnesses the power of lactic acid bacteria in the air to cultivate sake yeast and ward off unwanted organisms. This method, requiring a blend of skill and experience, is a rarity in Japan's sake production landscape. The result is a sake that captures the essence of the natural world, boasting a robust fermentation process that yields a deeply flavorful and clean finish.


Signature Offering: Hatsumago Honkarakuchi Junmai Makiri


Highlighting Hatsumago's excellence is the "Hatsumago Honkarakuchi Junmai Makiri." This pure and refreshing dry sake underscores the brewery's dedication to unique fermentation techniques. Displaying the characteristics of highly refined sake, it captivates the palate with a bold taste exclusive to the Kimoto method. The interplay of lactic acid enhances strength while preserving freshness, resulting in a sake with remarkable depth and character.


Versatility in Every Sip


Noteworthy is the sake's intriguing transformation with temperature variations. Served at room temperature or slightly chilled, it unveils itself as a dry sake with a swift, cutting edge. When gently warmed, it unfolds, revealing a fuller, more flavorful profile that delights the senses. This versatility makes the "Makiri" a captivating companion, fit for any occasion.


Cultural Symbolism: The Makiri Name


The name "Makiri" holds cultural significance, echoing the sharp knives used by fishermen in Sakata City. Believed to be a symbol of good luck, the name aligns with the sake's crisp and sharp taste, further enhancing its charm as a dry Junmai sake. Hatsumago remains dedicated to developing and preserving the distinct flavors of Sakata, a region blessed with abundant water, greenery, and a unique local climate. As the brewery continues to evolve, it stands as a beacon of excellence in the world of sake craftsmanship.




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