Kura Master: Celebrating Excellence in Sake and Japanese Spirits with Chiebijin Premium Junmai Sake Winning Gold

Overview of Kura Master

Kura Master is a prestigious sake competition held in France since 2017, specifically designed for the French audience. The judging panel is predominantly composed of French professionals from across Europe, including MOF holders who are certified as top craftsmen in France, renowned sommeliers, bartenders, and experts from first-class hotels, restaurants, and culinary schools. These judges are all professionals in the food and beverage industry.

Record Participation and Expanded Categories

Last year, the competition showcased 1,110 brands of sake, the highest number to date. In addition, since 2021, Kura Master has expanded to include a new contest for authentic shochu and awamori, with 193 brands participating in 2022. While there are various international competitions for Japanese sake, Kura Master uniquely emphasizes the "compatibility of food and drink," reflecting France's rich historical food culture. Through competitions, tastings, and various events, Kura Master aims to create opportunities to explore and appreciate the harmonious pairing of food and beverages.

Gold Award for Chiebijin Premium Junmai Sake

The winners of this year's Kura Master were announced this month, and we are delighted to share that Chiebijin Premium Junmai Sake won the Gold in the Junmai category. This exquisite sake, brewed by Nakano Shuzo in Oita Prefecture, showcases refined craftsmanship. Chiebijin Premium Junmai Sake is celebrated for its balance, featuring a soft, gentle sweetness perfectly intertwined with clean acidity. Nakano Shuzo's commitment to producing a delicious and reasonably priced junmai sake is evident in every sip. Versatile and well-balanced, this sake is perfect on its own or as an excellent companion to appetizers, sashimi, and grilled dishes.



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