Kotsuzumi Byakuzou: Sake That Shows Kozutsumi's Approach to Sake Brewing

About Nishiyama Brewery

Nishiyama Brewery, which was established in 1849, is located in the middle of a mountain range in the Hyogo prefecture. The name "Kotsuzumi" came from a famous poet, Kyoshi Takahama, who tasted some of the Nishiyama Sake and described it, in a poem, like a kotsuzumi, a "beautiful ancient small hand drum."

One of the first things you notice about a bottle of Kotsuzumi is the striking labels. All their Labels are designed by respected artist Hirosuke Watanuki, an artist with international acclaim. According to Kotsuzumi’s Toji, Nishiyama brews in small batches all year round to maintain consistency and freshness.

Sake That Shows Kotsuzumi's Approach to Sake Brewing

Kotsuzumi Byakuzou is brewed using the traditional sake brewing method called kimoto zukuri, which was the mainstream method from the Edo period to the middle of the Meiji period. It takes a lot of time and effort to produce, as the yeast is slowly nurtured with the help of lactic acid bacteria. For this reason, it is now a rare sake brewing method.

This sake is made from Tajima Goriki, a rare sake rice, which is difficult to grow due to the height of the ears of the rice, which makes it prone to falling over, so it is produced only in small quantities. Production ceased after the war, but Kozutsumi revived it for the first time in 60 years, as it was found to be of excellent quality for sake brewing. It produces sake that has a slightly sweet taste in the mouth, but is characterised by its sharpness. It is said to taste even better when served cold or heated.



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