Koshiji Fubuki Umeshu: Sake-based Umeshu

About Takano Brewery


Takano Shuzo was founded in 1899 on the day of Shiratsuyu (September 8), one of the 24 solar terms, and began brewing a sake called Shiratsuyu about 120 years ago. Today, the brewery, with its 'Koshiji Fubuki' brand, is led by a toji in his 40s, who is making high-quality sake that is loved by consumers.

高野修酒成立于1899年的白露日(9月8日),是二十四节气之一。大约120年前,高野修酒开始酿造白白津汤酒。如今,拥有“越路吹雪”(Koshiji Fubuki)品牌的该酒厂由一位40多岁的酿造大师带领,酿造着深受消费者喜爱的高品质清酒。

'Brewers tend to think that they are the ones making the sake, but actually they are not. Koji and yeast are the two micro-organisms that make the sake. So even if we calculate how we want to make such and such sake, it rarely turns out exactly as we want it. It is our job to create an environment in which the micro-organisms that play the main role can work well. People are the support for the micro-organisms.' That is President Takano's view. 


A Different Kind of Sake-based Umeshu


Koshijifubuki Umeshu is not just your regular umeshu, it is made by pickling plums in sake. A new umeshu based on the moderate sweetness of sake, but with as little sugar as possible!


Selected Japanese green plums are slowly soaked for a year in the original sake of Takano Shuzo. The amount of sugar used is kept to a minimum in order to utilise the natural sweetness of the sake, so that the acidity of the sake and the plums do not disappear, but are in perfect harmony.


It is less sweet than commercially available plum wine, but the balance between the sweetness of the sake and the aroma and acidity of the plums is exquisite!




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