Kizakura Piano: Fine Bubbles Resembling the Melody of the Piano

About Kizakura Brewery


Kyoto based Kizakura Brewery is one of Japan's top sake producers. The brand even became synonymous with sake in Japan in the 1980s thanks to a series of TV commercials featuring the mythical creature Kappa, which is also the brewery’s mascot.


Located in Fushimi, famous sake region in Japan, Kizakura has access to a natural medium soft water, called Fushimizu, and it is one of the main elements that make Kyoto sake taste soft and gentle.


Kizakura Piano Sparkling Sake


The effervescence of sparkling bubbles plays a symphonic chorus, akin to music to the soul. This refreshing Sparkling Sake displays a fruity nose with sweet aromatic notes of apple and pear. Masterfully crafted using traditional brewing techniques with only Japanese rice, rice koji for fermentation, fresh water and fine carbonation. 


Carbonation in this sake comes only from fermentation process. It is natural gas and not injected, so that bubbles are small and fine, resembling the light melody of the piano. Perfect as an aperitif!




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