June 21 Is Sparkling Sake Day! Experience the Effervescent Delight!

Sparkling Sake: A Rising Trend in the World of Sake

Sparkling sake, known for its gentle sweetness and moderate acidity derived from rice and rice malt, is making waves in the world of alcoholic beverages. With its low alcohol content, easy-drinking nature, and compatibility with food, this unique sake variation has gained popularity both in Japan and internationally. Its flavor, reminiscent of muscat grapes, coupled with a refreshing fizzy taste, has captivated the palates of young individuals, serving as a gateway to the realm of Japanese sake.

One of the key reasons for its appeal lies in its resemblance to champagne, rendering it approachable and fashionable. Additionally, its reasonable price point and low alcohol content contribute to its allure, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of consumers. Moreover, the sparkling nature of this sake does not overpower the flavors of accompanying dishes, allowing for seamless pairing with various culinary delights.

Whether enjoyed as an aperitif, a companion to a meal, or as a celebratory drink, sparkling sake offers a delightful experience that continues to captivate the hearts of sake lovers worldwide.

Recommended Sparkling Sake

Lightly cloudy sparkling junmai-shu with clean, refreshing flavor. This sparkling sake is made with the second fermentation method, which takes place in the bottle and produces the perfect amount of bubbles. Seikyo Junmai Sparkling has a low sweetness for a sparkling sake, making it a perfect match as a mid-meal drink, and you can also enjoy a beer-like thirst-quencher before a meal.

Chill well and rest to settle bubbles before opening slowly, as opening too fast will cause sake to spurt out. First enjoy as a clear drink and then gently mix, as you like, towards the end of the bottle. Due to its authentic production, even if the gas is completely released, the sake can still be enjoyed as normal light nigori sake.



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