July 30th: Celebrating Umeboshi Day in Japan!

July 30th: Celebrating Umeboshi Day in Japan!

Highly salted pickled plums, or umeboshi, have been a beloved part of the Japanese diet for centuries, prized for their preservative qualities and health benefits as well as their distinctive mouth-puckering sourness and salty tang.

In Japan, July 30th marks the joyous celebration of Umeboshi Day. Deep-rooted in Japanese culture, there is a saying that consuming umeboshi, or pickled plums, can alleviate troubles (Umeboshi o taberu to nan ga saru).

The significance of this date lies in a delightful Japanese wordplay known as "goroawase." The Japanese language offers various readings for the same characters, including multiple alphabets and even different pronunciations for numbers. In the case of Umeboshi Day, "Nan ga saru" translates to 7 (nan), 3 (ga), and 0 (saru). Consequently, the 30th day of the seventh month is affectionately referred to as Umeboshi Day!

Recommended Beverage: Kaido Iwai no Aka Shochu

Crafted by the esteemed Hamada Shuzo, Kaido Iwai no Aka Shochu steals the spotlight as the perfect companion for this festive occasion. Exquisitely textured with a gentle mouthfeel, it captivates the palate with an abundant umami flavor, culminating in a crisp and clean aftertaste. Kaido Shochu harmoniously combines the essence of sweet potatoes and Japanese rice koji to ensure a meticulously crafted blend. Notably, Black Koji lends its expertise to the production process.

Kaido Iwai no Aka Shochu entices with its refreshing yet robust and velvety profile, rendering it an ideal match not only for traditional Japanese cuisine but also Italian and Chinese dishes. Whether enjoyed with a meal or savored separately, this exceptional shochu promises to tantalize your taste buds. All the ingredients used in its production are sourced from Japan, and the striking red bottle pays homage to the sun's scarlet descent into the East China Sea.

Umeboshi: The Perfect Garnish

Umeboshi, the star garnish of choice, adds a delightful twist to the already remarkable Kaido Iwai no Aka Shochu. In fact, it is one of the most popular accompaniments at izakayas (Japanese pubs). We highly recommend experiencing the divine combination of Kaido Iwai no Aka Shochu with umeboshi! Preparing this delectable pairing is a breeze—simply select your preferred method of enjoying shochu (Kaido Iwai no Aka is exceptional on the rocks, mixed with cool or hot water, or straight) and garnish it with umeboshi.



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