Ise Kadoya: Propelling Craft Beer Into the Mainstream Spotlight

Kadoya's Brewing Journey

Kadoya, a part of Nikenjayamochi Kadoya Honten, has a rich heritage tracing back to 1575 when it served kinako mochi to pilgrims at the Grand Shrines of Ise. In 1923, the company expanded its business to include brewing soy sauce and miso paste. Then, in 1997, Narihiro Suzuki, a recent college graduate with a deep passion for Japan's emerging craft beer movement, approached his father, Soichiro Suzuki, who was the 20th president of the company, seeking approval to establish a brewery.

After consulting with an acquaintance, Suzuki embarked on training under an experienced beer brewer in Osaka. Driven by his love for crafting beer, he rallied support from family and friends, investing in brewing facilities to launch his venture. Despite facing challenges during the initial five years, Suzuki remained undeterred.

Initially, consumers preferred beers from major producers, and the relaxation of brewing regulations led to a proliferation of local breweries across Japan. Regrettably, this also resulted in the distribution of numerous subpar local beers, undermining consumer trust.

Nevertheless, Suzuki persevered and continuously honed his beer brewing skills, culminating in him being awarded the grand prize at an international competition. As his reputation grew, he received more awards and witnessed a surge in orders from all corners of Japan, thanks to the increasing confidence in the quality of his beers. The overwhelming demand has prompted Suzuki to contemplate establishing a new brewery to meet the enthusiastic demand of his clientele.

Beyond his personal achievements, Suzuki is dedicated to elevating the technical standards of the entire craft beer industry. Actively participating in international beer award judging committees, he generously shares valuable data on yeast and hops with other breweries to foster knowledge exchange. Additionally, Suzuki readily accepts aspiring beer brewers as trainees, nurturing talent within the craft beer community.

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