Introducing Hitachino Craft Highball

Kiuchi Brewery Takes on a Challenge


Kiuchi Shuzo has been producing sake in Naka, 120km northeast of Tokyo, for nearly 200 years. Taking on a challenge, the company pioneered the craft beer movement in Japan from the mid-90s on, and in 2016, they entered the whiskey market as well. In a corner of their Hitachino Nest Brewery, Kiuchi Shuzo began making micro-batches of whiskey occasionally using a hybrid still.


When making Hitachino Nipponia beer, some of the barley had a high starch content that was unsuitable for brewing beer. The brewery wondered if it would be possible to make use of this without discarding it, and instead use it to make a whisky that is uniquely Japanese. The distillery was established in the Yasato district of Ishioka City, Ibaraki Prefecture, at the foot of Mount Tsukuba, and was fully operational in 2020.


Hitachino Craft Highball


Kiuchi Brewery started distilling whisky in 2016 and continues to take on the challenge of Japanese craft whisky. In 2019, the company has developed the Hitachino Highball using its own whisky and will sell it first in Japan. The craft whisky is matured in oak casks and finished with the pure water of Hitachino, providing a crisp, authentic highball experience. Enjoy aromatic whisky sweetness and flavour with a refreshing carbonated foam. 




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