Hananomai Chobitto Kanpai Puchishuwa: Treat Yourself to a Little Luxury

About Hananomai Brewery


Ichisaburo Takada, the founder of Hananomai, started a sake production business in Aratama Village, Totomi Province, in 1864. The name derives from 'Hana no Mai', one of the ancient votive dances of the Tenryu River system. Hana also represents the flower of the rice plant, which is the food of life, and is a prayer for a good harvest.

1864年,花之舞 酒造的创始人高田市三郎在远江国新玉村开始了清酒生产事业。这个名字来源于“花之舞”,天龙川水系统的一种古老的祈愿舞蹈。花也代表生命的食物——水稻的花,是用来祈求丰收的。

The Hananomai Brewery's quest for local sake value led them to brew sake using 100% rice from Shizuoka Prefecture. Shizuoka Prefecture is a major producer of agricultural products such as tea and mandarin oranges, and it is possible to procure rice of the same high quality as that produced in other prefectures.


In addition to the excellent facilities that make full use of the valuable rice produced in Shizuoka Prefecture, the master craftsmanship of the toji and the brewers' skills produce the best Shizuoka sake.



Chobitto Kanpai Puchishuwa


Chobitto Kanpai Puchishuwa can be enjoyed by people who don't normally drink alcohol and match modern lifestyles. The idea is to treat yourself to a little luxury and make an ordinary day a special one. It is a fine carbonation sake made from 100% Shizuoka rice and has a natural fine bubbly taste due to secondary fermentation in the bottle, while offering a balance of sake flavour, rice-derived sweetness and acidity.




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