Experience the Elegance of Tradition with the Clear Stream Sake Bottle & Cups Gift Box

Elevate your Japanese dining experience with this exquisite Clear Stream Sake Bottle & Cups with Gift Box, expertly crafted in the traditional Mino ware style. This set is perfect for savoring the flavors of Japanese sake, comprising a classic sake bottle and petite cups. Whether unwinding with an evening drink or presenting it as a thoughtful gift, it adds a touch of elegance to any occasion.

Mino ware, a renowned term for ceramics from the eastern region of Mino-no Kuni (modern-day Gifu Prefecture). It has a long history of over 1300 years and it is Japan's most widespread style of ceramics.

One distinctive feature of Mino ware is its evolution of glazes and techniques to cater to changing tastes and technologies, resulting in a diverse range of shapes and colors. This adaptability means that Mino ware encompasses various styles and techniques rather than a single, unified style. 

Seiryu, meaning ‘clear stream’ in Japanese, perfectly captures the essence of this exquisite ceramic sake set. The set’s colors reflect the diverse hues of Japan’s blue rivers, with a mesmerizing shimmer revealed by the light crackle glaze finish.

The turquoise-coloured part undergoes a crackle technique called "kannyū," leveraging the shrinkage rate difference between the base material and glaze during firing. Experience the delicate crackles and captivating azure hue. Pottery, like a living entity, evolves in color due to factors such as fire intensity, weather, temperature, and humidity. Each firing imbues uniqueness in flow and coloration, resulting in countless variations, making each piece distinct. Pottery's allure lies in appreciating its individuality.



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