The Highball Symphony and the Star Player - Kizakura Yuzu Highball

The Best Selling Sake in November Was Kizakura Yuzu Higball!

In the heart of Japan's drinking scene lies the highball, a harmonious blend of an alcoholic base spirit and a generous splash of non-alcoholic mixer, often effervescent. Highballs have become synonymous with Japanese dining, offering a delightful solution to the challenge of pairing straight liquor with a meal. The addition of soda water and ice not only dilutes the intensity but also enhances the overall drinking experience without compromising the spirit's flavor profile.

Celebrated as the soul drink of Japan, the highball represents a fusion of an alcoholic base spirit and soda. While Japanese whisky is a frequent star in this concoction, shochu and sake have emerged as equally enchanting companions, contributing their unique flavors to the highball symphony.

Amidst the diverse array of highballs, a standout performer takes the spotlight - Kizakura Yuzu Highball. Let's unravel the magic behind this ready-to-drink (RTD) sake cocktail that captivated the palates of enthusiasts last month.

Part of the latest series of Japanese RTD sake cocktails, the Kizakura Yuzu Highball beckons with a unique blend. Crafted from Yuzu-infused Kizakura semi-dry sake and delicately carbonated, this highball delivers an exquisite marriage of tartness, sourness, and a hint of bitterness, heightened by the aromatic notes of Yuzu's rind. Yuzu, the Japanese citrus sensation, imparts its signature tart and sour notes to the Kizakura Yuzu Highball. The addition of carbonation elevates the refreshment factor, making it a sought-after choice for those seeking a taste adventure within the world of highballs.



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