Discover the Elegance of Nito Limited Edition Junmai Ginjo Omachi Lightly Cloudy Sparkling Sake

Introducing the limited edition "Junmai Ginjo Omachi Usu-Nigori (Lightly Cloudy) Sparkling," a uniquely crafted sake from the esteemed Nito Brewery in Okazaki, Aichi Prefecture. This sake features meticulously selected Bizen Omachi rice from Okayama Prefecture. It is bottled as an unfiltered, unpasteurized sake and undergoes secondary fermentation in the bottle to achieve a refreshing sparkling finish.

Upon opening, handle with care to avoid overflow. As the bottle is uncorked, a delightful apple aroma greets your senses. The first sip delivers a robust effervescence, providing an invigorating refreshment. This initial burst is followed by a clean sweetness, a hint of bitterness, and a pleasantly dry note. The unfiltered nature of the sake imparts a soft umami flavor, perfectly balanced for a harmonious taste experience. The finish is crisp, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable drinking experience.

Nito’s sparkling sake is exceptionally refreshing and easy to drink, making it an ideal companion for a wide variety of meals. Its versatility allows it to be enjoyed from aperitif to dessert. With its dry, captivating bubbles, the "Junmai Ginjo Omachi Usu-Nigori Sparkling" is a must-try for any sake enthusiast.



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