Discover the Delights of Gassan Sake by Yoshida Brewery/Shimane! ON SALE NOW!

About Yoshida Brewery

Located in Shimane, the birthplace of sake since the Yayoi period, Yoshida Brewery has a history spanning over 300 years since its founding in 1743. Nestled at the foot of the formidable Gassan Toda Castle, the brewery leverages ultra-soft water with a hardness of just 0.3 to craft its exceptional sake. The soft taste and rich flavor of Izumo-style sake challenge the perception that sake is difficult to appreciate. Despite its historical roots, Yoshida Brewery continuously updates its production equipment, earning top prizes in both domestic and international competitions. The excellent quality of their sake is evident, delighting international visitors and women alike with its fresh and vibrant taste.

A Refreshing Summer Delight

Crafted with the concept of quenching your thirst on scorching days, Gassan Ryoka Junmai Ginjo delivers a clean and refreshing taste. It features a gentle, moderate sweetness, and a crisp finish brought by its refreshing acidity. Chilled to perfection, this sake is sure to enhance your summer experience with its delightful and invigorating character. This vibrant and dry sake embodies the essence of summer refreshment.

The Perfect Pairing

Ensure you chill Gassan thoroughly in the refrigerator before serving. It pairs exceptionally well with various foods and enhances the dining experience. Enjoy it with sashimi, chilled tofu, roast beef, and more for a delightful combination.

Don't Miss the Opportunity!

Gassan Ryoka Junmai Ginjo by Yoshida Brewery is currently on sale, offering the perfect chance to experience this exceptional beverage. Don't miss out on trying this delightful sake, renowned for its history, quality, and refreshing taste.



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