Discover the Best-Selling Sake of Last Month: the Award-Winning Sake from Akita

Our best-selling sake last month, Yukinobosha Junmai Gingo, comes from Saiya Brewery, based in Akita, northern Japan. Founded in 1903, Saiya Brewery is one of the most award-winning breweries at the Japanese National Sake Competition, winning ten gold medals in the past fifteen years. Mr. Toichi Takahashi, their brew master since 1984, has been recognized by the Emperor of Japan as a cherished craftsman. Takahashi emphasizes using local ingredients and minimal interference in the brewing process.

Saiya Brewery focuses on using their own in-house yeast and milling rice properly. They were the first brewery in Akita prefecture to culture their own yeast, discovering a strain that thrives in low temperatures and high alcohol content.

Saiya's sake has a strong aftertaste known as fukumi, achieved through low-temperature brewing without exposure to air. The brewery does not perform kai-ire (mixing the fermentation mash), relying on natural convection for mixing. This process allows their sake to develop naturally from the rice, water, and environment.

Saiya Brewery is the first ASAC-approved organic brewery in Japan, maintaining a spotless, chemical-free environment that includes all living organisms in the brewing process. This organic certification, combined with their unique brewing techniques, further elevates Saiya’s status as a producer of outstanding sake.

Yuki No Bosha, Saiya’s most well-known brand, is celebrated for its pronounced aroma, silky body, clean acidity, and rich umami. It has won more Gold Medals at the Annual New Sake Competition than any other sake in Akita. "Yuki No Bosha," meaning "Cabin in the Snow," celebrates the rugged, rural Akita region.

Yukinobosha Junmai Ginjo, one of Saiya’s best products, features a fruity Ginjo fragrance and a clean, subtle palate with a slightly dry finish. Bottled without water addition or filtration, it offers rich and bold flavors with pleasant acidity. It features ripe fruit tones like strawberries and mangos, providing a fruity experience without excessive sweetness.



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