Discover Kokuto Shochu: Japan's Distilling Heritage in a Glass

May 9th and 10th Are Kokuto Shochu Days

The Amami Oshima Sake Brewers' Association has declared May 9th and 10th as brown sugar shochu days, celebrating the essence of 'kokuto'. This tradition dates back to 2007, aligning with the Japanese reading of the numbers 5 (ko), 9 (ku), and 10 (tou).

Exploring Kokuto Shochu

Kokuto shochu, a distilled spirit exclusive to the Amami Islands in Kagoshima, Japan, is crafted from specially refined brown sugar. Unlike other shochu variants that use sweet potato, barley, or rice, kokuto shochu offers a unique taste profile rooted in its brown sugar base.

With only 26 distilleries worldwide producing Amami Kokuto Shochu, including the renowned Machida Shuzo, known for their masterpiece "Sato no Akebono," each bottle represents a carefully curated selection. Sato no Akebono, crafted with signature vacuum distillation and prolonged aging, captivates connoisseurs with its harmonious blend of flavors and captivating aroma.

Sato no Akebono: A Distinctive Delight

Among Machida Shuzo's offerings, Sato no Akebono shines brightly. This kokuto shochu boasts a rich aroma and gentle flavor. Kokuto, derived from carefully tended sugarcane, is prized for its scarcity and quality. Consequently, kokuto shochu is a rare and costly libation. Sato no Akebono distinguishes itself as an innovative creation, crafted using vacuum distillation—a specialized method. Vacuum distillation involves heating the moromi (fermented mash) in a pot still under reduced pressure. This technique lowers the boiling point, typically around 45°C, resulting in a smoother texture and preserving the essence of the distillate. Through this advanced process, Sato no Akebono introduces a fresh dimension to kokuto shochu, embodying a new pinnacle of refinement.

Embracing Kokuto Shochu Culture

Kokuto shochu, a product intricately intertwined with Amami's natural landscape and cultural heritage, beckons enthusiasts worldwide to indulge in its uniqueness. Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or with water, kokuto shochu promises a distinctive drinking experience, renowned for its hangover-free qualities.



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