December 10: A Lager Celebration Extravaganza

On December 10th, beer enthusiasts unite to celebrate National Lager Day, honoring the iconic Lager style.

The Cold Art of Brewing: Bottom Fermentation

Lagers, distinct for their cold-conditioning or "bottom fermentation," use yeast strains at lower temperatures, resulting in a crisp and refreshing beer. Originating in ice-filled cellars, this method has become synonymous with regional and national brands.

A Tapestry of Choices: From Pale to Dark

Lagers offer a diverse range—from pale and amber to dark—with craft breweries adding unique twists. The historical mastery of Lager-making has created a rich tapestry of brews that captivate beer lovers globally.

National Lager Day: A Celebration of Brews

The origins may be unknown, but National Lager Day unites breweries and enthusiasts in celebrating the craftsmanship and diversity within the Lager family. It's the perfect occasion to savor your favorite or explore new varieties.

Savor the Unique: Kinshachi Akamiso Lager

For a distinctive Lager experience, try Kinshachi Akamiso Lager. Brewed with red soybean paste unique to Nagoya, it offers a bold palate with a rich flavor and sweet scent—a must-try for those seeking something extraordinary.



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