CHOYA ICE NOUVEAU: Ice-ripened Ume Wine

CHOYA ICE NOUVEAU Ume Wine 2022 is a plum wine made from fully ripe Nanko ume plums from Kishu harvested in June of 2022, fermented from fresh ume juice that has been kept fresh by the 'ice-ripening method'. Enjoy its peachy, fruity aroma and its initial sweet and sour taste.


Launched in limited quantities every year since 2004, it has been well received, especially by core users with a high interest in umeshu, and will celebrate its 19th year on the market in 2022.


100% Kishu ripe Nanko plums, specially produced in cooperative farms in Wakayama Prefecture, are used. When plums reach their maximum ripeness on the tree, they naturally fall off the branches. These naturally ripe plums are delicate and it's difficult to control their freshness, so they are not sold on the market.


Ripe plums that have fallen off the branches are very delicate fruits whose components deteriorate while waiting to be processed. Plums harvested for this ume wine are quickly frozen at -40°C to maintain their freshness and ripen at sub-zero temperatures. Choya calls this the 'ice-ripening method'. The fresh ume juice, which has been kept fresh through the ice-ripening process, is fermented to produce plum wine with a fruity aroma and a fresh sweet and sour taste.


Simply add ice cubes or cool soda water to enjoy. An excellent choice to make your party even more perfect.




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