Celebrating Umeshu Day: The Unique Bond Between Japan's Rainy Season and Ume Harvest

The Surprising Connection Between Ume and Rain

The beginning of June ushers in the rainy season in Japan. While it is a gloomy period with frequent rain and fog, and it can be hot, sticky, and very wet at times, it also brings long days, vibrant vegetation, misty mountains, flooded rice fields, hydrangeas in full bloom, and the refreshing replenishment of water supplies.

Historically, the onset of the rainy season, known as nyubai in Japanese, was a crucial time for Japanese people to determine the ideal period for rice planting. This season is also when ume plums ripen and are ready for harvest. Consequently, it is fitting that the peak of the green ume harvest, the essential ingredient for umeshu, is celebrated as Umeshu Day. Nyubai is one of the zassetsu (seasonal days unique to Japanese tradition) and typically falls on June 10 or 11 each year.

Celebrate with a Special Umeshu from Umenoyado

This dessert umeshu, crafted with the fragrant flesh of Yoshino ume, fills your mouth with its rich aroma. The "Aragoshi Umeshu," a highlight of Umenoyado's esteemed "Aragoshi Series," is notable for its luxurious texture, achieved by blending pureed plums into the sake. Brewed with renowned Umenoyado sake, it offers a mellow and profound flavor. Savor the sweet and tangy aroma of the ume, the smooth texture, and the rich taste to the fullest.



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