Celebrate Saint Patrick's Day With Green Drinks!

Saint Patrick's Day


Saint Patrick's Day is the anniversary of the death of Patrick, the Saint who spread Christianity in Ireland. This day, March 17, is a Catholic holiday and a national holiday in the Republic of Ireland.


While not a public holiday in Australia, it is popular nevertheless with festivities and events across the country – particularly in pubs and bars and other night venues, since most years the celebrations take place on a week day after work.


On St. Patrick's Day, you will see three-leaf clover designs everywhere. This is the national flower of Ireland, called the shamrock. As St. Patrick's Day approaches, many events are held around the world, with green as the theme color. Parades with green coordinated bands, green beer, rivers and fountains dyed green...the world is green!



Of course, this calls for a green drink and we have plenty of green drinks to choose from that are great for celebrating this occasion!


Recommended Green Drinks


For those who like sweet liqueurs, we recommend Yamamoto Honke Matcha No Osake. Matcha No Osake is a sake-based liqueur, a blend of quality Junmai grade sake and quality Matcha from Kyoto Uji area. 


For Sake Lovers, Kizakura Nigori Matcha is the answer! It is a premium sake with the slight sweetness of Nigori style unfiltered sake balanced by the bitterness of Matcha.


Beer fans will not be left disappointed with Matcha IPA which has a deep green color of green tea and a comfortable finish with bitterness from green tea and hops.





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